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Thanks for considering me as your piano tuner!

I’ve taken care of the pianos for several thousand piano lovers, for all told, more than four decades. It began when I was a young man playing in famous hotel dining rooms. The pianos were often not tuned well, so I decided to learn tuning from an Old Master, so I could correct a mess without causing a stir with the hotel’s management.

I loved it, so I continued tuning pianos. I can’t wait to make yours a joy for you to play again.

Piano Tuner Dallas


My purpose is to contribute to the beauty of the music you play, and to the quality and ease of your personal musical expression.


Offered services include:

• Precise tuning for home, studio, or concert hall
• Repairs and regular maintenance
• Action regulation from minor to complete
• Voicing to improve quality of tone
• Appraisals for piano purchases or selling


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Bill Cherry
Piano Technician